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If you want to enjoy the kudos of being a highly paid copywriter, then THIS is for YOU… 

For Over A Decade
I’ve Enjoyed A Well Paid Living As A

Copywriter Quietly Tapping Away In

My Comfortable Office 

– Now It’s YOUR Turn…

If you’re quick, you can be one of just two lucky folks who I will transform into
world-class copywriters – even if you flunked English at school and can only
just about write a Post It Note® STARTING TODAY

Howdy fellow writer… my favorite time of day is in the winter around five o’clock, when rush hour travel updates about traffic snarl ups and long delays on the twice-daily lemming-like commute in the cold, dark, rainy night are broadcast.

It makes me feel even more blessed that I’m safe and warm in my cozy den, with just a 30 second ‘commute’ between the office and sitting down to supper.

And, of course, when the sun shines I can work anywhere I choose – in my yard, on the beach or out in the country…



This truly IS the laptop life many crave – but few actually achieve

Quite frankly, I would pay to enjoy this type of lifestyle – but, in fact – it pays me rather well…


Hi… my name is Paul Hooper-Kelly, and if that doesn’t ring any bells, you’ve still probably bought some top gun marketer’s product, as a result of reading a sales letter or watching a video sales letter I created.

I’ve been on line since 2003, but working mainly under the radar, because I’m the ‘secret weapon’ top internet marketers call on to create their record-breaking sales campaigns and sales material copywriting. 

I’m able to do all that because of the intense education I personally received in world class salesmanship, in a long career of face to face, belly to belly, cold-calling selling and business creation, which began 55 years ago, this April …

And I even won prizes for my marketing skills

Here are the cuff buttons, or cuff links, I was awarded when – single-handedly – I outsold the town’s fanciest outfit in the toughest market of all: life insurance (often called the ‘Salesman’s Graveyard, because it’s so hard to sell in.)

And, since discoverng the internet and starting my new career as a copywriter, I’ve been…

Creating fortunes for years on end for clients

For example, one sales letter I wrote pulled in 11,000 subscribers for one client’s membership site. At a conservative estimate, since I created that letter, the client has made something like $1.33 million in subscriptions and subsequent sales to that list of 11,000 subscribers, based on the industry average value of $1 per name per month.

I’ve even created sales letters for other copywriters. And one I wrote had a conversion of 12.5%, which the client admitted was over DOUBLE what he normally got from writing hleis own sas letters…

Because I’m so successful virtually all my work is more sales material for existing clients.

Once such delighted client recently told me they’d collected $50,500 in product sales from just two sales letters I created for him.

And now YOU can profit from my expertise

Do the math and you’ll see – with 55 years in marketing to my credit – I’m well past retirement. But – just like Clint Eastwood, aged 80+ and still hard at work directing movies, I’m not about to go quietly.

So I’m going to pass all my tips and tricks to a just TWO lucky folks smart enough to understand that when they possess the sought after skill of copywriting they will never go hungry, because – particularly with the internet and all the new products being created all over the world all the time that need to be sold – they will always be in demand.

What’s more, if English is your native language, you have a massive advantage that puts us in demand from clients all over the world.

I have copywriting clients in every continent (except Antarctica) in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia in countries like Canada, USA, Brazil, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Singapore and even the emerging powerhouses of India and China.

And the wonderful thing is, I do it all from my cozy home office (just a 30 second ‘commute’ away from the rest of my home) music playing, a drink and snacks at my elbow, just tapping away – every word making me more money.

But, if you want to become one of my two copy students, then…


It’s only fair to warn you

This priceless training is not cheap – until…

…you compare it with the time and expense of going to college or university.

In the UK it’s about $12,000 a year and in the US you have to pay for four years tuition, before there’s a chance of actually making any money.

Even then, you’ll likely start off as an unpaid intern.

And it won’t take you four years or cost thousands to be trained with a skill that will last you a lifetime, because – as long as people buy and sell then you will be in demand.

A copywriting pal of mine recently bought a house overlooking a golf course. The fact that he doesn’t play golf made it even better, because it made his friends that DO play golf even more jealous.

But he is able to enjoy the most wonderful view of the beautifully manicured greens and the stunning landscaping of the golf course from his office window as he works on his internet business.

But what gives him the most satisfaction is the fact he bought the home from a medical doctor, who would have spent seven years in medical school before he could even start to make a single red cent towards buying this lovely home.

By contrast, my buddy didn’t spend anything like seven years learning how to make enough money with his writing to buy this splendid piece of real estate and, in fact, made the money for this home in a couple of years.  

My copywriting coaching lasts for as long as it takes to get you making money as a copywriter. After that, the sky is the limit for you and depends on how good you are. But with all my tips and secrets under your belt that should be pretty good.

You’ll learn the secrets of creating a whole range of sales material from the traditional sales letters, video sales letters, emails, advertorials (they look like editorials but are really under the radar sales letters) and much, MUCH more…

As I’ve said, I can only take on two copywriting ‘cubs’ because I only have 24 hours in my day and I’m supposed to be ‘retiring’.

Go to my official coaching page on my Unfair Advantage Club and you’ll see, regular folks have to pay either $397.00 or $797.00 A MONTH for coaching. Depending on how much time they can devote to the training, that can means anything between two and five month’s of monthly payments. 

Still a great bargain when compared with $36,000 plus for three years at university or college. What’s more you’ll be ready to make money in a matter of months (provided you are hungry for success).

But – as a valued fellow Warrior (and we have to give Warriors a better deal that anywhere else) So you will pay just a single payment of $397.00.

That covers you for everything – no upsells or extra charges whatsoever.

If you are watching this, then you will already have a computer – which is all you need plus the priceless knowledge I will reveal. 

So, if you want to make life-changing start to 2021 with a whole new well paid prestigious way of making unlimited amounts of money from clients all over the world, while sitting in your cozy office without the complications of product creation, affiliate marketing, and all the rest of it…

…then click the button below before someone else beats you to it and your miss out BIG TIME.


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