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Becoming a copywriter opens up a wonderful world of new opportunities far removed from the drudgery of the corporate cubicle.

And, with the internet still growing and becoming more accessible to ever more people daily, the demand for copywriters has never been greater.

And we all know what happens when demand exceeds supply!

So just imagine yourself working from the comfort of your own home, with no more fickle boss and no office politics.

And no more energy-sapping boring commute twice a day. 

Instead you’ll be making far more profitable use of those wasted hours you used to spend commuting by waking up when you’re good and ready: that insistent alarm clock will never again interrupt your slumbers, because it was the first thing to be thrown into the dumpster, when you began your new ife of time and financial fredom.

Then, once you’ve enjoyed a long, leisurely shower, you enjoy a proper, leisurely breakfast (no more dashing out to the car with a piece of half-eaten toastin your mouth as your own only breakfast).

Then when you ae ready, to settle down in your comfortable home office for a few hours tapping away at your latest copywriting project, with maybe a view such as this from your window…


And, because you find copywriting to be such tremendous fun, your Puritian genes kick in and you feel you should be doing some work instead of enjoying yourself like this.

Then the wonderful realization hits you.

This IS your ‘work’ from now on.

And very well rewarded work it is too, because copywriters, creating sales material of all sorts, including sales letters, video sales letter scripts (even complete turnkey VSLs), email sequences for auto responders, lead magnets and affiliate recruitment pages are regarded as the top end of writers and so command far larger fees than content or article writers.

So how do you put the copywriting magic into your words, turning them into compelling sales messages that answer every uspoken objection in the mind of your propective buyer so it finaly makes complete sense to buy the product?

It is not just the clever use of language and it doesn’t require some academic degree in writing. In fact, writing in a dry academic manner is a positive handicap.

Instead, the most successful copywriters use language that is a more conversational style, rich in idioms and colloquial expressions and – yes – even cliches, because that is the way folks talk in real life.

This makes it ideal for the very many people who didn’t have a formal English degree.

But, beyond the words themselves, you need to understand the psychology of persuasion, which is where the huge  benefits of being coached and mentored by an experienced copywriter will repay your investment manifold.

I have been a copywriter for eleven years, creating sales material and video sales letters for some of the top guns on the internet, such as Ewen Chia, Jeremy Gislason, Willie Crawford, Mike Sensing and Simon Hodgkinson.

And Simon – despite being a top copywriter himself – was kind enough to say I managed to get double the response he would expect to acheive – and a lot faster, to…













And, over the years, I’ve produced material for other copywriters, cementing my position as the ‘Copywriter’s Copywriter’.

About 80% of my work is for existing clients and I was very happy to help one of my regular clients inhbit the #1 spot on Warrior Plus for several days recently, during which time he was awarded both Deal of the Day and WSO of the Day and made $20,000 in sales.

Nor it that an isolated case, because he also reports other successes, such as [ADD EMAIL].

I am able to achieve this success because of the intense real-world eduction I received which started 55 ears ago when I made my first sale, worth in today’s money about $30,000.

That was long before the internet of course and was face to face, bely to belly direct marketing.

And during my long carrer in direct sales I conquered what is probably the toughest market of all – selling life insurance.

Some call this ‘The Salesman’s Graveyard’ because so many salespeople leave selling for good after they tried, unsuccessfuly, to sell life insurance.

Happily I was able to kick the butt of the fanciest insurance company in town, by single-handedly for selling the most life insurance and sp received these cuff-links…


So my years of experience in selling – even selling something nobody wants, like life insurance – means I am the perfect person to teach you how to enjoy the freedom and rewards of world class copywriting.

You see, the biggest problem with copywriting is you can read every book every written on the subject and you can dash off sparkling letters that might (or might not) sell products like hotcakes – but you don’t know until you put it to the test.

But how do you do that?

The risky way is to get a paying client, write the letter and the risk it wil bring home the bacon for your client.

But creating the right letter first time out of the gate with the prospect’s every unspoken objection convincently answered, so that it makes perfect sense to buy is a really big ask – and a tremendous gamble for you to take that could blight your career before it hardly starts.

So the best solution is to be mentored by a veteran copywriter with plenty of successes to their credit. That way your mentor can check you have covered all the bases and so can be reasonably sure your saes material will work properly when you actually start to work for paying clients.

A powerful exra benefit of this is you’ll be able to quickly start to build up an impressive bank of glowing customer testimonials.


If you wish to invest in yourself and have me mentor and coach you to cpywritng success, your investment is a very reasonable $397 a month.





















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